The DrawXAxis() & DrawYAxis() functions don't properly convert the minimum and maximum property values to numbers

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Posted by Jason on 25th September 2015
Using RGraph4.31 version (2015-07-24).

I've hit an issue in the DrawXAxis() and DrawYAxis() functions, defined in the RGraph.drawing.xaxis.js and RGraph.drawing.yaxis.js files respectively.

When `min` and `max` values are specified as string data, the values are not converted to a usable format. I've corrected this locally by simply providing a casting to a Number() type.

In RGraph.drawing.xaxis.js:519

var y = this.y;
// @TODO [jtm 20150916] Max/Min not provided as numbers fix
var min = Number(prop['chart.min']);
var max = Number(prop['chart.max']);
var labels = prop['chart.labels'];

In RGraph.drawing.yaxis.js:537

var height = ca.height - this.gutterBottom - this.gutterTop;
// @TODO [jtm 20150916] Max/Min not provided as numbers fix
var min = prop['chart.min'] ? Number(prop['chart.min']) : 0;
var max = Number(prop['chart.max']);
var title = prop['chart.title'] ? prop['chart.title'] : '';

I also corrected a potential error in the YAxis properties when dealing with the `decimals` value, to match what was specified over on the XAxis properties:

var formatter = prop['chart.scale.formatter'];
var decimals = Number(prop['chart.scale.decimals']);
var invert = prop['chart.scale.invert'];
Posted by Richard Heyes on 26th September 2015
Hi there,

Thanks. I've added in conversions to numbers to the properties.


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