I'm trying to create a dynamic Bar chart with a line

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Posted by Schultz on 23rd July 2013

I'm trying to create a dynamic bar graph inside my canvas. I currently already have a dynamic line chart working and a static bar graph working. The code I am using for the bar graph is

     dynamicBarPercent = new RGraph.Bar(id, averageNumber);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('colors', GColours);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('numyticks', 6);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('background.grid.autofit.numhlines', 3);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('background.grid.vlines', true);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('background.grid.border', true);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('hmargin', 5);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.gutter.left', 40);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.gutter.right', 600);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.gutter.bottom', 500);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.gutter.top', 60);
     dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.title', 'Percantage of Bandwidth used');

I am getting the data into the averageNumber array by


The jsonData is a random integer, and the servlet which is generating the random integer is being called by an AJAX post request.

For some reason the bar graph is displaying 0 0 1 1 along the y-axis, and no data is being plotted. It is probably a very small error I am making, but I cannot figure it out.

Thank you for all the help!


Posted by RGraph support on 23rd July 2013
Hi there,

Try replacing your averageNumber array with a static array first:

dynamicBarPercent = new RGraph.Bar(id, [4,8,6,3,2,5,4]);

And then if that then works then your array probably isn't what you think it is - and you can look at it with either the browsers console or the RGraph p() function (which uses the alert() function):


The scale issue can be resolved by adding decimals to your numbers:

dynamicBarPercent.Set('chart.scale.decimals', 1);

Richard, RGraph support

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