I have problems whilst making a dynamic chart (using Gauges)

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Posted by Islam on 17th May 2016
Greetings I'm Trying to make a page in Which I Change the chart based on the click of three buttons,
also The Values and Labels Come From HiddenFields,
But I Have 2 Problems,
1)The Linear Chart Goes Below the horizontal line.
2)The Labels Aren't Aligned With the Dots in the Line.

This is my Code For the Line Chart From Code Behind:

             ChartDrawLiteral.Text= @"<script>
window.onload = function () {

                     var dataset1 = [" + HiddenField_EvaluationValue.Value + @"];
                     var dataset2 = [" + HiddenField_CumulativeValue.Value + @"];
                     var dataset3 = [" + HiddenField_TargetMaxRange.Value + @"];

                     var bar = new RGraph.Bar({
                         id: 'Cvs1',
                         data: [dataset3],
                         options: {
                             colors: ['#ddf'],
                             ylabels: false,
                             backgroundGridVlines: false,
                             backgroundGridBorder: false,
                             textSize: 14,
                             strokestyle: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)'

                 var line = new RGraph.Line({
         id: 'Cvs1',
         data: [dataset1, dataset2],
         options: {
             spline: true,
             linewidth: 3,
             hmargin: 5,
             labels: [" + HiddenField_PeriodNames.Value + @"],
                             tooltips: [dataset1, dataset2],
                             tickmarks: 'circle',
                             ticksize: 5,
                             textAccessible: true
Posted by Richard on 17th May 2016
Hi there,

> 1)The Linear Chart Goes Below the horizontal line.

What horizontal line? Put the chart or a picture of the chart on the Internet so that I can see what it is that you're referring to - otherwise I don't know. An annotated chart would be very helpful.

> 2)The Labels Aren't Aligned With the Dots in the Line.

Again, a picture of what you're referring to would be very helpful.

BTW this:

labels: [" + HiddenField_PeriodNames.Value + @"],

probably doesn't quote the values correctly. View source in your browser to see what the result is. It needs to look something like this (with quotes around each label):

labels: ['Bob','Fred','Luis','Jim','Neil'],


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