How do I dynamically assign something to on a Gauge chart from a jQuery value

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Posted by Mike on 10th June 2013
I'm sorry if this was asked before, but I wasn't able to find it. I'm using a customized Gauge graph, but I'd like the various threshholds (min value/max value/red start/etc) dynamically pulled from a database. Currently I'm putting the values onto the page and I grab those values when the gauge is created. This is working perfectly for almost every threshhold I'm working with (as long as I use parseFloat() for the value, except the

Has anyone tried this, or know of a way I can get this to work? Thanks in advance!
Posted by RGraph support on 11th June 2013
Hi there,

You could try setting it mnually instead of getting it from the database to start with:

obj.Set('', 7);


Richard, RGraph Support

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