Error with Bubble chart and interactive keys

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Posted by JC on 26th June 2014

I have a problem when use Bubble Graph with interactive keys. Can anyone help me?

<!DOCTYPE html >
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="demos.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />

     <script src="\" ></script>
     <script src="\" ></script>
     <script src="\" ></script>
  <script src="\"></script>
  <script src="\" ></script>
  <script src="\"></script>
     <script src="\" ></script>
  <script src="\"></script>

     <canvas id="cvs" width="700" height="700">[No canvas support]</canvas>
         $(document).ready(function ()
    var image = new RGraph.Drawing.Image('cvs', 50, 25, '')
     .set('width', 625)
     .set('height', 625)
     //.set('tooltips', ['The background image'])
             // Create and configure the Scatter chart
             var scatter = new RGraph.Scatter('cvs', [
                                                  [4,3, 'black', 'HOLA1 - 665 €'],
                                                  [2.24,1.75, 'blue', 'HOLA2 - 838,00 €'],
                                                  [2.14,4, 'pink', 'HOLA3 - 591,00 €'],
                                                  [2.59,3, 'green', 'HOLA4 - 970,00 €'],
                                                  [4,1.75, 'gray', 'HOLA5 - 789,00 €'],
                                                  [4,1.75, 'yellow', 'HOLA6 - 881,00 €'],
                                                  [2.6,3, 'gray', 'HOLA7 - 232,00 €']
                 .set('xmax', 5)
     .set('xscale', true)
     .set('xscale.decimals', '1')
                 .set('ymin', 0)
     .set('ymax', 5)
     .set('scale.decimals', '1')
     .set('title.xaxis', 'Good')
     .set('title.yaxis', 'Bad')
     .set('title.yaxis.x', 15)
     .set('gutter.left', 50)
     .set('gutter.bottom', 50)
     .set('background.grid', false )
                 .set('tooltips.hotspot', 10)
     .set('tooltips.effect', 'none')
     .set('tooltips.highlight', false)
     .set('', true)
     .set('key', ['HOLA1', 'HOLA2', 'HOLA3', 'HOLA4', 'HOLA5', 'HOLA6', 'HOLA7'])
                 .set('key.interactive', true)
                 .set('key.colors', ['black', 'blue', 'pink', 'green', 'gray', 'yellow', 'gray'])
     .set('key.position', 'gutter')
             bubble = new RGraph.Scatter.Bubble(scatter, 0, // Minimum
                                                         10, // Maximum
                                                         50, // Max width
               [31.28, 12.28, 32.80, 6.99, 6.19, 8.36, 2.10] // Bubble data



Posted by Richard on 26th June 2014
If you need help you'll first have to explain (in detail) your issue.

Posted by Richard on 26th June 2014
But now I come to think about it - it probably won't work with bubble charts.

Posted by JC on 27th June 2014
I apologize for my bad explanation.
The problem is when you click on the keys, the bubbles are not highlighted properly. Is this a bug or normal behavior?

Thank you very much.
Posted by Richard on 27th June 2014
It's not an error it's just isn't a feature. The interactive key just highlights regular Scatter charts properly.


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