Firefox and Safari cannot display Scatter chart

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Posted by Jason Tan Boon Teck on 8th May 2014
Firefox v28.0, and v24.4, and Safari v6.0.5 is unable to draw graph for:

Does anyone else face this problem?

Jason Tan
Posted by Richard on 8th May 2014
Hi there,

Interesting. It looks like it's something to do with jQuery/the source map for jQuery - I'll look into it.

Posted by Richard on 8th May 2014

Try using slashes instead of hyphens in your dates, for example:

obj.set('xmin', '2012/01/01')

Posted by Tim Dearborn on 8th May 2014
I also have the same problem on a Mac with Firefox 29.0 and Safari 6.1.3. The line on the scatter chart is not drawn on and the line on the line chart is not drawn on
Posted by Jason Tan Boon Teck on 9th May 2014
I confirm that I can now draw the scatter graph lines, after replacing the dashes/hyphens in the dates to slashes.

Thank you.

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