With the Fuel Gauge: I'm having trouble with the options scaleVisible, labelsCount, labelsEmpty

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Posted by Robert on 30th January 2016
Hello Again,

I'm attempting to reset the scale of the Fuel Gauge.
Instead of it being sectioned into 5ths, I would prefer it being sectioned into 8ths.

I read the docs, but am failing to understand what is probably obvious and trivial. Nonetheless, it isn't working for me.

Here's my code:

  var Gas = [12.5,25,37.5,50,62.5,75,87.5];
  var a = Gas[rand(0,6)];
         var fuel = new RGraph.Fuel({
         id: 'cvs1',
  scaleVisible: true,
  labelsEmpty: 'Empty',
  labelsCount: 9,
         min: 0,
         max: 100,
         value: a,

Thank you so much,

Not really part of the above problem but, when I redrew the fuel gauge, the "needle" would not clear, but draw another needle. Thus the "RGraph.Reset(cvs1)

Posted by Richard on 30th January 2016

There isn't a lot of options for the Fuel Gauge, but to get 8 labels you can do this:


Posted by Robert on 31st January 2016
Yes Sir, that worked.

I need to remember the "options" idea:

    options: {

Thanks again Richard.

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