Is it possible to do a full reset and clear the ObjectRegistry? Basically trash everything

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Posted by Paul on 2nd May 2014

Is it possible to fully clear and trash everything RGraph - basically reset RGraph back to its page load state before anything was drawn?

I'm creating a single page app with a dashboard style layout, 1-n graphs per page, I want to give the user the ability to load in other dashboards, which may have a completely different set and different number of graphs. So, rather than having to call RGraph.ObjectRegistry.Clear() and then Rgraph.Reset(canvas) on every canvas object, is there anyway I can just call something like Rgraph.Reset() - without passing canvas which will clear and reset everything back to its initial page load state?


Posted by Richard on 2nd May 2014
Hi there,

There isn't a method like that I'm afraid. You could do something like this:

function myReset (canvas)
   // 1. Set all your objects to null

   // 2. Do this: RGraph.ObjectRegistry.clear();

   // 3. Remove the canvas tags from the DOM
   // and/or
   // Clear them and remove the .__object__ reference

Though that still might leave bits and bobs around. And there's no telling what deleting things might do to graph objects created after that.


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