With the new release the Gantt chart background color has changed

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Posted by Philip Wiggins on 1st October 2015
With the new update the grid color has changed the background color.


I've tried adding chart.background.color: 'white' to get the background to the way it looked before, but it doesn't do anything, but if I change the below color, it changes the entire background and the grid as well.
            'chart.background.grid': true,
             'chart.background.grid.width': 1,
             'chart.background.grid.color': '#ddd',
Posted by Philip Wiggins on 1st October 2015
The grids aren't showing up either as well.
Posted by Richard on 1st October 2015

Here's an example that uses the grid and has a white background color:


Posted by Philip Wiggins on 1st October 2015
not sure what I'm doing wrong then this is my setup for the graph, but the above PNG is a screen shot of the result.

   var gantt = new RGraph.Gantt({
                             id: 'projects_graph',
                             data: graph_array,
                             options: {
                                 xmin: graph_min,
                                 xmax: graph_max,
                                 labels: display_labels,
                                 'background.grid.autofit.numhlines': numhlines,
                                 backgroundColor: 'white',
                                 tooltips: {
                                     self: labels_array,
                                     coords: {
                                         page: true
                                 gutter: {
                                     top: 50,
                                     right: 40,
                                     left: 200,
                                     bottom: 75
                                 'labels.percent': true
Posted by Richard Heyes on 1st October 2015
Hi there,

If there's a high 'max' number there may be so many vertical grid lines that they merge together, so try this:

'background.grid.autofit.numvlines': 5,
'background.grid.autofit.numhlines': 6,
'background.color': 'white'

Posted by Philip Wiggins on 1st October 2015
That was the problem thanks!

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