Is it possible to reverse the Gauge chart colors?

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Posted by Tomas on 17th June 2016

It's possible to reverse colors in gauge chart: starts from red and finishes to green (or any color I chose)?

Posted by Richard on 18th June 2016
Hi there,

You can. You can either use the following properties:


To set the colors (despite the names you can set them to whatever colors you want). Or you can use the colorsRanges property instead and set the colors to anything you want and using this you can also set more than three colors like this:

colorsRanges: [[-100,-90, 'red'], [-90, -70,'yellow'], [-70, 70, '#0f0'], [70, 90, 'yellow'], [90,100,'red']]

All of the Gauge demos are here:



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Posted by Tomas on 18th June 2016
Thank's. It work's.

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