Gauge chart - I want to make the big ticks smaller in length

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Posted by Mark Farrer on 8th December 2016
I am trying to make the basic gauge demo smaller in size (150 x 150). I am just having a problem making the big ticks smaller in length.

     <canvas id="cvs2" width="150" height="150">[No canvas support]</canvas>

         gauge = new RGraph.Gauge({
             id: 'cvs2',
             min: 0,
             max: 100,
             value: 100,
             options: {
              anglesStart: RGraph.PI - (RGraph.PI / 6),
                 anglesEnd: RGraph.TWOPI + (RGraph.PI / 6),
              borderWidth: 1,
              textSize: 7,
     backgroundColor: '#000000',
                 textColor: 'white',
                 tickmarksBig: 10,
                 tickmarksSmall: 0,
                 labelsCount: 10,
                 tickmarksBigColor: 'white',
                 tickmarksSmallColor: 'white',
                 redColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                 yellowColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                 borderInner: 'white',
                 borderOuter: 'Gradient(white:black)',
                 textAccessible: true,
                 valueText: true,
                 valueTextDecimals: 0,
     valueTextBoundingStroke: '#aaa',
     valueTextYPos: 0.6,
                 labelsCentered: true,
                 labelsOffsetAngle: 0,
                 labelsOffsetRadius: 3,
                 labelsOffsetx: 0,
                 labelsOffsety: 0

Posted by Richard on 8th December 2016
Hi there,

There's no option for the length - but if you're comfortable editing the source you could do that.

Looking at it it's on line 645 and where there's "- 10 - 10" change that to to "- 10 - 5" (or something similar.


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