How do I set the Gauge chart scale to go from 0-4 ?

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Posted by Alejandro on 24th May 2017
Hi, I was able to happily construct my Gauges and they are working, but... I noticed an effect: I had to put the min,max values to 0 and 4 respectively, for displying values like 2.8 for example.

But the Gauges seems to always create 6 main scale divisions. So as there are 5 values in the range [0..4], the Gauge main scales are displayed as [0,1,2,2,3,4] (notice the duplicated "2") and that doesn't only look strange, of course, but also makes the needle position is acting weird.

//===== Pressure gauge =====
var pressure${customTO.taidTO.id_taid}gauge = new RGraph.Gauge({
id: 'pressure${customTO.taidTO.id_taid}',
min: 0,
max: 4,
value: 0,
options: { blabla... }

I didn't find any option in the documentation to configure the number of the main scale divisions. I am missing something?

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Richard on 24th May 2017
Hi there,

It sounds like you need to add the scaleDecimals property and set it to 1 like in this example:

Posted by Alejandro on 25th May 2017

Thanks, I tried it and work. Now I only have to decide which option looks better, if using [0,4] range with scaleDecimals:1, or just increasing range to [0,5] and adjusting the orange and red zones conveniently.


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