My charts look blurry on an iPad3 Retina display

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Posted by Rodrigo Avila on 14th September 2012

I can use rgraph with iPad 2 and iPad 3. But in the iPad 3, the graph looks blurry (since iPad 3 uses an Retina Display).

So, what I can do to use rgraph on iPad 3 without a blurry image?

Posted by on 14th September 2012

You could try playing with the window.devicePixelRatio setting, as mentioned by these pages regarding blurry canvas text:!topic/javascript-information-visualization-toolkit/YTO2CkSOXkY

Which refers to this page:
Posted by Digitalico on 9th November 2012
Works correctly on iPhone/iPad Retina. Just change scale sentence for RGraph canvas like code below:

hidefCanvas.scale(window.devicePixelRatio, window.devicePixelRatio);

Thank you
Posted by Rodrigo Avila on 17th April 2013

Do you have any example using RGraph? In joubert blog (and any other examples I find) the scale works ok, but after scale(), the example uses this:

$(hidefCanvas).css('width', hidefCanvasCssWidth);
$(hidefCanvas).css('height', hidefCanvasCssHeight);

But changing canvas widt/height using CSS is not recommended in RGRaph [1].

So... what's next?


Posted by RGraph support on 17th April 2013
Hi there,

What are you asking or referring to?

Richard, RGraph Support

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