There's an error in the documentation: The grid options "grid.hline" and "grid.vline" are actually "grid.hlines" and "grid.vline

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Posted by Rin on 11th February 2013
Hey there,

your documentation is slightly out-of-date: mention the options "chart.background.grid.hline" and "chart.background.grid.vline", but it's actually "chart.background.grid.hlines" and "chart.background.grid.vlines".

Keep up the good work,

Posted by RGraph support on 12th February 2013

Thanks I'll update the docs.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Sober on 4th May 2016
This still hasn't been updated in the docs
Posted by Richard on 4th May 2016

Yes it has - you might be looking at a cached copy.


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