A grid line on my chart won't disappear!

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Posted by Lee on 13th April 2016

First of all, thank you so much for making Rgraph available to public, it has helped me a lot with my web development class.

Second of all, I have been trying to use some properties on the bar graph and haven't succeeded. I'm not sure if my coding is wrong somewhere, my teacher wasn't able to spot to error either.

Here is the address to the bargraph: wyrd.hood.edu/~lnn3/it280/activity15/bargraph.html

I tried to use backgroundGrid and backgroundColor in the option but that didn't work. I don't want to have the gridline and I want to change the background color.

Thank you,

Posted by Richard on 13th April 2016

Your code works fine, as can be seen here:


Try changing you code so that it's not in a function - so that the script tag looks like this:

     new RGraph.Bar({
         id: 'mybargraph',
         data: [135,97,201,254,123,150,91,149,181,305,539],
         options: {
             // Add configuration here...


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