Example of a grouped Bar chart with labels below and above?

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Posted by Frank on 7th October 2017

Trying to figure out how to have as described above. The labels would be for instance: Like Dinner?, Like Desert?, three bars to each group and above each bar, Yes, OK, No. Different groups might have different test above, "great, average, so so"

It's kind of a legend, but since it's different for each group it might be I need "labelsabovespecific", but can't figure out how to use that in the basic groups bar chart.

Any samples would be appreciated.


Posted by Richard on 7th October 2017
Hi there,

Like this:



You do indeed use the labelsAboveSpecific option - which is a linear array of all of the labels that appear above the bars.

Posted by Frank on 9th October 2017
Perfect. Thanks. I looked at almost all 5,000 samples, must have missed one.

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