I have a problem with the HBar and the xmin/xmax settings

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Posted by David Cook on 20th August 2017
Hi Richard:

Seeing a possible problem using xmin/xmax with HBar.

Here is a simple example option block:

var options= {
                scaleZerostart: true,
                grouping: 'grouped',
                yaxispos: 'center',
                variant: 'hbar',
                textAccessible: true, };

    gauge = new RGraph.HBar({ id:'cvs', data:[[-8],], options:options });

You can see that my data is '-8' and that I am drawing a centered chart. The above draws correctly and I get a chart from -10 to +10 with the bar going from -8 to 0, as expected.

However, I want to control the minimum and maximum values displayed. When I add these to the options array:


The X axis goes crazy and the bar shows incorrectly.

The X axis becomes: -20 -12 -4 --4 --20 -12 -4 4 12 20

And yes, there are double hyphens in there. It seems to affect xmin specifically, as xmax seems to work ok.

Is this something I'm doing wrong? Or a bug perhaps?

Thanks, david
Posted by Richard on 20th August 2017
Hi there,

After an initial bit of confusion on my part, and a fix to alignment, this example appears to be generating a correct scale:


If you're not using version 4.62 - then either try that or the beta on the website.

As for the rest of today - I still have 100 pages to check through for 404 errors. Oh joy. (not that this is relevant to your issue)

Posted by David Cook on 20th August 2017
Hi Richard:

Not sure if you understood my original post. The example you posted was missing the element that caused it to mess up.

Specifically - if you would add the following to your example:

xmin: -20,
xmax: 20,

...I believe your X axis will now display incorrectly. As per my original post, I need to control the min/max of the scale - and when I try to control the min (as per above), the scale is messed up.

Just to make sure, I am using the latest stable version - but also tried the Beta and it has the same problem (this probably also affects VBar, though I have not yet confirmed that.

Posted by Richard on 20th August 2017
Hi there,

Gotcha, try this then:


With the canvas charts you need to set the Y axis to be in the center and just specify the max value (not the minimum value). The example shows a HBar and a regular Bar chart.


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