How do I change the colors in a Pie chart?

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Posted by Leandro Medeiros on 22nd July 2015

How can I change the pie chart colors?
I have tried to change using the "properties.colors" as below without success.

var pie1 = new RGraph.Pie({
id: 'mapa_chuva',
data: [<?php echo $dados;?>],
properties: {
   colors: ['Gradient(#FFFF66:#CCFF66)','...',.... other colors as I need],
options: {

I'll be really greatifully with your help.

Thank's a lot.


Leandro Medeiros
SC - Brazil
Posted by Richard on 22nd July 2015

Close - but instead of "properties" it should be "options":

var pie1 = new RGraph.Pie({
id: 'cvs',
data: [4,8,6,5,3],
options: {
    colors: ['Gradient(#FFFF66:#CCFF66)'],


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