How can I combine a Scatter chart with a Line chart?

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Posted by AmiH on 8th May 2013
I'm trying to display a candlestick chart with a line chart on it. I started with the combine chart example but the line chart looks like it has no x values and squeezed in the middle of the x axis.

The candlestick chart looks fine and the line chart is just a vertical line at the middle of the chart.
Posted by RGraph support on 8th May 2013
Hi there,

If you're using the Scatter for the line - then you need to give both the X and Y coordinates - not just the Y.

If you're using a Line chart object and a Scatter chart object then keep in ind that there's no automatic correlation between the two - only what you specify. In fact I doubt a Line chart would work too well at all because Line charts have no X scale.

Richard, RGraph Support

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