How do I control the scales range on the HProgress, HBar, and Rose?

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Posted by wallingd on 24th January 2013
On VProgress, the instantiation call includes a variable to set the maximum value of the scale (e.g. 100).

However, HProgress, HBar, and Rose do not have this variable and I can't find a property to set. The scale max value appears to be automatically set.

Having a particular maximum value on the scale is absolutely critical in order to visually communicate performance/progress. Am I overlooking something? How can I set scale maximum for these other graph types.

Thanks for a great library overall.

Posted by RGraph support on 24th January 2013

With the HProgress it's the same as the VProgress.

With the HBar you can set the chart.xmax property, and with the Rose you can set the chart.ymax property.

Richard, RGraph Support

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