How do I divide RGraph.common.core.js into 2 files?

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Posted by Dennis on 9th April 2014
Dear Everyone,
How to divide RGraph.common.core.js file into 2 files.
I saw following function for most of the file, I need to divide into 2:
// Module pattern
(function (win, doc, undefined)
// End module pattern
})(window, document);
My Embedded application only accept a file with size below 32 kbytes.
Thanks in advance,
Posted by Richard on 9th April 2014
Hi there,

Thats the Module pattern - you need to leave that in place. You can take out functions which are inside that one - for example:

RG.Background.draw =
RG.background.draw =
RG.background.Draw = function (obj)
     // ...

Posted by Dennis on 9th April 2014
Hi Richard,
I'll remove some function which not related to gauge graph.

Just for information, I being able to divide the file into 2 files.
I divide the fie at:

In file #1 add following at the end of the file

In file #2 add following at the beginning of the file
{var RG=RGraph,ua=navigator.userAgent,ma=Math;


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