How can I draw a WindRose chart and a PollRose chart?

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Posted by Pallavi on 13th December 2013

I want to know how to draw WindRose and PollRose with the help of RGraph.
For WindRose I will have wind speed and wind direction. How to draw it with the help of rose chart?
For PollRose which type of chart we can use?
Posted by RGraph support on 13th December 2013
Hi there,

With the Rose chart you can use the angles.start - so you can achieve a WindRose like this:

But I'm afraid I've never heard of a PollRose.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Pallavi on 18th December 2013

In var data = [10,3,6,4]; u mentioned speed values. But how we are mapping speed values with direction which is also dynamic value?
and how we are defining directions from 0 - 360?
Posted by Pallavi on 18th December 2013

In example, if we consider var is consist with Wind Speed, then how can we map it with Wind Direction?
If Values of Speed and Direction are 5, 270 deg respectively, then how to map speed with direction value?
Posted by RGraph support on 18th December 2013
Hi there,

You could increase the number of values in the data to have more granularity - eg instead of just 4 you could have sixteen or 32 etc. eg

// Having just one value will show where the Rose starts
var data = [9,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5]

You could also use the RScatter chart that allows you to give two values per data point - one for angle and one for magnitude - but that's just represented as a point.

I'll look at using three values for the Rose for RGraph3 - ie start angle, end angle, magnitude.


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