How do I fix RGrid for the newest version of PHP?

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Posted by Victor Harrison on 11th January 2016
HELP! On line 512 of RGRAPH (or line 497 of Datagrid) is this:
<?php call_user_func($this->rowcallback, &$row)?>

Problem is &$row is invalid in newest version of PHP. Changing this line to
<?php call_user_func($this->rowcallback, $row)?> syntactically works, but all callbacks no longer display. What is the correct way to fix this?

Posted by Richard on 11th January 2016

IIRC it's a reference issue - this may work:

<?php call_user_func_array($this->rowcallback, array(&$row)) ?>

(BTW this is not RGraph - it's the old Datagrid PHP class)


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