How can I get my Bar chart object and its labels on its click event?

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Posted by Praveen on 21st February 2013
Hi I have 3 bar charts on my page and have added click events on first chart.
I am able to get bar's index, which I have clicked using-
var index = shape['index'];

but I need to know about the label on the same index.
tried "" it has reference to last chart, but I need first chart object.

How I can get the labels or chart object on click event?
Posted by RGraph support on 21st February 2013
Hi there,

You need to use the ObjectRegistry methods. The ObjectRegistry is a record of al of the RGraph objects that have been created. The .getObjectByType() may be most useful - though this method has changed recently so if you upgrade you may need to update your code.

Richard, RGraph Support

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