How do I get keys to work with my SVG Line chart?

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Posted by Ian on 17th January 2018

So, I'm completely new to RGraph, and JS in general, but I'm implementing a statistics function for an app at work.

I've gotten the graphs to work and display data from the database, but I'm having trouble with something that I intuitively thought would be basic stuff... keys.

All I want is to add a legend to my graphs. It seems the only way to do this is through keys (but I very well may be wrong). I'm using the SVG.Line and SVG.common.core libraries to draw the graph, and the common.key for the keys, but when I add the "key"-variable to options, I get a javascript alert that prompts me to include the key library.

I'm completely baffled. I thought the keys were just part of another object or function in the svg.line library (the various key-related variables exist there, anyway), and would work in the same way that, say, xaxisLabels works (i.e. just include the key-names correlating to the amount of lines).

The only thing I'm really trying to accomplish is adding the ability to distinguish between sets of data.

Thanks in advance!
- Ian
Posted by Richard on 17th January 2018
Hi there,

> So, I'm completely new to RGraph, and JS in general, but I'm implementing a statistics function for an app at work.

So I'm guessing there's no web guy where you work and you got lumbered with it? :-)

Have you included the key library file in your page? Doesn't sound like you have if you're seeing that message. Add this to your page:

<script src="RGraph.svg.common.keys.js"></script>

I've made you an example of a Line chart with a key here:

Posted by Ian on 18th January 2018
First off, thanks so much for the quick response - and an example to boot!

Second, nah. This wasn't so much lumbered on me as, well, me taking the initiative to implement an idea that I had. There are some skilled programmers here, but this one baffled theem as well. That makes sense, too - because it was such an inconspicuous bug (as bugs often are) that it missed us.

It turns out I was including the RGraph.common.key.js script, which was incorrect for the graph (but inspecting the page revealed that the browser got an http 200 when getting the library - which at that moment was very confusing). The correct key library for the svg functions is called RGraph.svg.common.key.js (as per what you showed in the example). So, once again, I learn that errors are rarely... mistaken.

Anyway, it works perfectly now. Thanks again lots for your help!
- Ian

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