How can I stop a custom event listener?

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Posted by Preben on 7th October 2012
In a gantt-chart I have made the bar adjustable by the user and added an eventlistener like

RGraph.AddCustomEventListener(gantt, 'onadjust',myFuncAdjust);

But for some of the bars I don't want the user to adjust/move the bar - can I cancel the event ?
Posted by RGraph Support on 8th October 2012

Yes - you can set the adjusting information which is kept in the Registry to null.

The alert is optional BTW - you can take it out if you prefer. Another way to do it is the second example, which involves placing a DIV over the top of the canvas at just the right place (using the coordinates found in obj.coords) - this is shown in the second chart. This method will need adjusting if you use resizing and wouldn't work if you use annotating.

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