How do I use RGraph in Microsoft Sharepoint server?

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Posted by Leonardo on 21st August 2015

Is there any step-by-step user guide on how to use RGraph in Sharepoint? How to install it? Hello World?

Thanks in advance, Leonardo
Posted by Richard Heyes on 21st August 2015
Hi there,

Sorry - I've never used Sharepoint. A quick Google says that Sharepoint is some sort of web-application server - so in that case you can just include RGraph in your pages as you would other JavaScript libraries (eg jQuery) and then use inline JavaScript to create your charts.

The basic examples show you what the bare necessities are and then you can build on that as required - for example:

The tags to include the libraries (the script tags) can go in the head or the body and the canvas tag should be before the script that creates the chart (so the order of the tags is like it is on that page).



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