How do I call a function to draw the chart from an HTML event?

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Posted by Arthur on 20th May 2013
some of your demos show that, by using html event, such as onclick, can trigger function in <script> tag.
however, when i try to do so, it doesnt respond at all.

for example, i want to create a button to clear canvas area, referring to your code,
function test(){

on html side,
<button onclick="test()"></button>

it doesnt clear the canvas area at all...i missing anything here?
Posted by RGraph support on 20th May 2013
Hi there,

Doesn't appear to be anything wrong with that. You could try this as an alternative - which just "inlines" the code:

<button onclick="canvas = document.getElementById('cvs'); RGraph.Clear(canvas);">
     Click me!

Richard, RGraph Support

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