Internet Explorer, the window.onload event and AJAX questions

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Posted by Kevin Morwood on 11th October 2013
I have made great strides with getting everything working exactly as I want with RGraph...with one notable exception.

All of my charts are getting data populated using Ajax. I create the canvas in the HTML and then in the ajax return I create/reset the chart object and fill in the data. It works VERY well.

In IE 8 the data has not been fetched yet when the window.onload call fires. That's probably half the problem. Does this model ever work in IE 8 or am I on the wrong track?

I have refactored and tweaked and twisted the code in all the ways I can think of but I cannot get even the base chart to work properly in IE 8 with excanvas.

Any help/hints you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Posted by RGraph support on 11th October 2013
Hi there,

Well you can look at this page to try and get tips to get AJAX working with IE7/IE8:

To see it in IE8/IE7 you just need to add ExCanvas. Keep in mind though because IE8/IE7 are so slow, especially in conjunction with ExCanvas, it will be visibly slow and you will also see buggy behaviour most likely.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Kevin Morwood on 11th October 2013 I see how the update works. Thanks!

I got a basic line chart working now. Now to port this new knowledge back to the app.

Thanks so much!


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