I have an Internet Explorer 8 label problem

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Posted by Dennis on 21st January 2014

The labels of a graph I made do not display correct in IE8.

This is what it looks like in any browser except IE8:

And this is the same graph in IE8:

The code I am using is:

  <canvas id='996554x522x8559' width='825' height='250' padding='20px' border=1>[No canvas support]</canvas>

   $(document).ready(function () {
   var chart996554x522x8559 = new RGraph.HBar('996554x522x8559', [[56.6,18.9,11.3,9.4,3.8,0],[35.8,22.6,15.1,22.6,3.8,0],[37.7,22.6,18.9,18.9,1.9,0]])
chart996554x522x8559.Set('chart.labels', ['Ik weet wat de aanleiding is om\r\nhet klantbelang nog meer centraal te stellen', 'Ik weet wat wil bereiken door het\r\nklantbelang centraal te stellen', 'Ik weet hoe het verbetertraject loopt dat het\r\nklantbelang centraal stelt'])
chart996554x522x8559.Set('chart.colors', ['rgba(119,147,60,0.9)','rgba(195,214,155,0.9)', 'rgba(151,151,151,0.9)', 'rgba(217,150,148,0.9)', 'rgba(149,55,53,0.9)', 'rgba(191,191,191,0.9)'])
chart996554x522x8559.Set('chart.text.size', 9)
     chart996554x522x8559.Set( 'chart.xmax',100)
     chart996554x522x8559.Set('chart.key.position', 'gutter')
     chart996554x522x8559.Set( 'chart.grouping', 'stacked')
     chart996554x522x8559.Set('chart.key', ['Helemaal eens', 'Eens', 'Neutraal', 'Oneens', 'Helemaal oneens', 'Weet niet/NVT'])
   chart996554x522x8559.Draw(); })

Is it possible to get the labels right in IE8?


Posted by Richard on 21st January 2014
Hi there,

Your chart appears fine in IE11 set to IE7/8 mode:


I don't have real IE8 to test with though.


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