There's an illegal/malformed UTF-8 character in the MIT license text header

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Posted by Chris on 26th February 2016

I'm using RGraph with Rails. I just put all .js files in vendor/assets/javascript and they are preprocessed (minified etc) through the asset-pipeline.

With the current (and I also think previous) releases, there is a problem with the Pound sign in the license text. The preprocessor stops with an error: rake aborted!
JSON::GeneratorError: source sequence is illegal/malformed utf-8

and checking with "isutf8" confirms: line 10, char 1, byte offset 69: invalid UTF-8 code
RGraph.bipolar.js: line 10, char 1, byte offset 69: invalid UTF-8 code
... (all files with Pound sign)

I fix it, by removing/replacing the Pound sign (and keeping the complete license text). But that seems cumbersome with every update...

Would you please look into that!

Posted by Richard on 26th February 2016

Thanks - I'll look at it. Did you know that you can get pre-minified libraries here:


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