Internet Explorer is caching my CSV file

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Posted by PJM on 15th April 2014
I posted a question over on stackoverflow regarding Internet Explorer Caching CSV file

The solution suggested was to append a random query string to the URL.

I proposed adding a time-stamp to the URL unfortunately my knowledge of coding is limited.

Would it be possible to explain exactly how I would add this timestamps to the URL

I have tried other programs and Rgraph is the best with the most features.
Although I am using it for personal I would have no problem in making a donation
towards the project.


Posted by Richard on 16th April 2014
Hi there,

Yes you can append a timestamp (hashed in the below example) to the file - you'll probably want to use server-side scripting for that though like this:

foo.csv?<?php echo md5(filemtime()'foo.csv')) ?>


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