Is there an interpolateNulls option equivalent in the RGraph Line chart?

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Posted by James C on 6th October 2013

I have got a small issue with RGraph in that when I am using a line graph containing some null data points, RGraph doesn't seem to be able to fill in the missing values on the graph.

Looking at Google charts, this functionality is called interpolateNulls (

At the moment I have a line chart with contains breaks in the line where null data is being passed.

Can you advise as to whether RGraph has this capability?


Posted by RGraph support on 7th October 2013
Hi there,

It doesn't have that functionality no. It's easy to imitate though by simply pre-parsing the data - replacing null values with the average of the two values either side.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by James C on 8th October 2013
Thanks for getting back. Will implement as suggested.


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