Is it possible to add more than one set of labels (at the top) on a Gantt chart?

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Posted by Kedar on 26th April 2017
Hi Friends,
I want to add more than one labels on top of my gantt chart.
I want to show one label for Month, Another for week, then to show the gantt chart.
But only able to bind one label.

Any solution please.
I just set this like below:-

var gantt = new RGraph.Gantt({
                             id: 'cvs',
                             data: data,
                             options: {
                                 labels: WeeklyData,
                                 labelsAlign: 'top',
                                 xmax: XmaxValue,
                                 labelsPercent: true,
                                 backgroundGridAutofitNumvlines: XmaxValue,
                                 textAccessible: true,
                                 defaultcolor: 'rgba(6,200,150,1)',
Posted by Richard on 26th April 2017
Hi there,

Yes you could do that by using the drawing API X axis like this example does:

This one replace the axis with a new and doesn't use the Bar chart labels - but there's no reason why you can't have both. You will need to accommodate it though in the positioning of the X axis.

Posted by Kedar on 27th April 2017
Hi Richard,

My requirement is for Gantt Chart , not for bar chart.
I want to show weeks in labels and top of this to show months coming under which week.
For example 4 weeks coming under January, 4 weeks under February, this should show like below, and only top of the Gantt Chart.

    January February
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

In your example it can be,like below.

          India Australia
Team A | Team B | Team C | Team D | Team E | Team F

Please suggest if you have any solution for this.
Posted by Richard on 27th April 2017

You'd still use the drawing API X axis.


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