Is it possible to create Gantt diagram in which each bar is a compound bar?

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Posted by Fred on 11th July 2016
Hi, we are considering using this great library for a project.
We have a requirement from the custome, that are not quite sure if can be solved with rgraph.
The req. is to have the gantt bars as a compound of three stacked areas. The top one with a cross hatching, the central one with a vertical text and the lower one with a color. We need to specify the hatching, the text, and the color for each event(task in the gantt diagram).
Also a link to a figure to show a single task (with the name OTR-001):

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Posted by Richard on 11th July 2016
Hi there,

The closest that the RGraph Gantt chart gets to that is multiple events on one line like this demo:

Posted by Thank you on 11th July 2016
Just to say thanks.

I guessed that multiple events gantt was our best choice. Maybe we can use the tooltip to display the additional information we intended to represent with that compound bar. I looked for other tools but this kind of complex bar doesn't seem to be supported. I'm also not too convinced about using crosshatch and colors. Way too overcharged for my taste.

If we finally decide use you tool, will let you know.

Best regards.
Posted by Richard on 11th July 2016
Hi there,

Because the Gantt chart object remembers the coordinates of each bar you can draw in that rectangle (the bar). EG:

.on('draw', function (obj)
     var coords = obj.coords[0]; // The first bars coordinates

         'b r % % % % f red',

That colors one bar (the first on the chart) red. You could draw a picture into that rectangle instead if you wanted to.

Posted by Richard on 11th July 2016
Hi there,

Also worth mentioning: I'm currently working on a Gantt chart mini-app based around... the RGraph Gantt chart. An example of how it can be incorporated into a "Work schedule" for a particular project. At the moment it's a single page (though you'll need to add your own server-side code to allow saving the information to a server).

Posted by Thanks again on 12th July 2016
Thank you so much Richard. With the solution you mentioned I think we can better adapt the aspect of each task to our needs.
Best regards.
Posted by Richard on 12th July 2016

The Gantt chart mini-app is now here:

Posted by I'll have a look at the Gantt ch on 14th July 2016
Thank you and best regards.

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