Can I only display some of the tick marks on an adjustable Line chart?

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Posted by Manuh on 21st November 2017

I have a line (new RGraph.Line(...)) which is adjustable and I want to know if I can show only some tickmarks on it (like one tickmark every two points or on some specific points).

The option "tickmarks: 'circle'" will display all the tickmarks on the line.

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Posted by Richard on 21st November 2017
Hi there,

You'll need to draw the tickmarks in an ondraw event like this example shows you:

I've also added the adjustableOnly property so that only those points that have tick-marks are adjustable. If you don't want this, and want all of the points to be adjustable, then comment that property out.

Posted by Manuh on 22nd November 2017
Thank you Richard, that's exactly what I want !

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