I'm seeing a JavaScript alert when the browser size is too small

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Posted by perollet on 8th April 2014
I have integrated rgraph library into my website.

It's a great job you have done.

I have an error and i don't know how to resolve it

When i reduce the size of my browser and i work on my graphics i have the following error:

[RGRAPH] Warning: you have a negative bar width. This may be caused by the chart.hmargin being too high or the width of the canvas not being sufficient.

What could i do to resolve it ?


Posted by Richard on 8th April 2014
Hi there,

Like the message says - you can get rid of any hmargin that you've set or increase the size of the canvas. Or perhaps reduce the gutter sizes too.

It's caused by not having enough space for the number of bar that you have.


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