My key isn't showing up on my chart

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Posted by QA Solutions on 26th March 2016
New to Rgraph, going well so far but can't figure out why the key/legend won't show up in the graph below.
Chart shows correct with title, numbers otherwise.

Any help appreciated.

<canvas id="cvgraph1" width="700" height="350">
         [No canvas support]
     var line = new RGraph.Line({
         id: 'cvgraph1',
         data: [[3289340.64,2870500.45,216366.18,4829015.61,3382175.55,3838843.08,4091408.46,4212094.73,3080621.31,5079325.24,2663527.86,3401494.64],[1319132.34,1269.5,0,3119635.7,3303541.24,3148108.85,1913423.95,853210.43,1929954.29,2876245.09,1002519.72,1046418.26],[32905.57,0,0,774173.23,1061494.46,824299.31,400570.08,273541.57,2104418.13,476281.92,182129.96,507903.96]],
         options: {
             key: ['Charges', 'Adjustments', 'Payments'],
             keyPosition: 'gutter',
             gutterTop: 40,
             gutterLeft: 40,
             gutterRight: 20,
             gutterBottom: 50,
             spline: true,
             resizable: true,
             title:'Charges,Adjustments,Payments - Last 12 Months',
             titleYaxis: '$ Dollars',
             linewidth: 3,
             hmargin: 25,
             labelsAbove: true,
             labels: ['Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec','Jan-16','Feb','Mar'],
             ylabels: false,
             tooltips: [],
             tickmarks: 'circle',
             ticksize: 2
Posted by Richard on 26th March 2016

There's nothing wrong with the JavaScript - the chart showed up when I tried it. So you may just need to include the key code in your page:

<script src="RGraph.common.key.js"></script>

Also, you may want to set labelsAboveDecimals to 1 or 2.

Posted by QA Solutions on 29th March 2016
Thank for your help! I'll add the script and give it a shot.

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