The text in a Donut 3D chart is unreadable when adjusted

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Posted by Yamini on 28th November 2017

I tried to create the Donut 3D chart from the below link :

Am getting everything as expected, but when i try to resize the labels using the below attributes, the text gets blurry,

             textFont: '"kerning","Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Arial',
             textSize: 6,

Could anyone explain how can i resize the labels text without blurring the font.

Thanks in advance.

Yamini Raju
Posted by Richard on 28th November 2017
Hi there,

I've created a demo using your settings here:

And the text is small, but readable. Note though that I don't have the "kerning" or "Lucida Grande" fonts so it will be using Arial.

Try increasing the font size to see if that has any effect.


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