Labels that have an apostrophe in them are causing problems

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Posted by Mike on 24th February 2014
I am graphing scores for individuals and use their names in the labels. The following is an example of how I am setting the labels:

.Set('labels', ['John Smith', 'John O'Grady', 'Simon O'Neil', 'Alan Watson', 'Kim Jackson'])

The apostrophes in O'Grady and O'Neil are obviously causing a problem. I should very much appreciate your advice whether there is a solution to this problem other than to remove the apostrophes in the name and merely input OGrady and ONeil.

Many thanks for a great tool and for your assistance.
Posted by Richard on 24th February 2014
Hi there,

Use Double quotes to surround them:

.Set('labels', ["John Smith", "John O'Grady", "Simon O'Neil", "Alan Watson", "Kim Jackson"])


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