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Posted by Julien on 4th March 2013

Is it possible to set the X label in a vertical mode ?

Posted by RGraph support on 4th March 2013
Hi there,

You could try setting chart.text.angle to 90 - though I can't be sure it will work in the current stable version. The beta has a totally rewritten text function which definitly can do vertical text.


PS Could you link to the RGraph website - thanks.

Richard, RGraph Support

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Posted by Julien on 5th March 2013

It is working fine !

Little issue : title is on the legend, can we modify the position to the title ?

Posted by RGraph support on 5th March 2013
Hi there,

You can use the key/legend properties to position the key - or perhaps have it in graph mode in the gutter on the right hand side of the chart:


Richard, RGraph support
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