How can I limit the number of labels on a Meter chart?

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Posted by Sara on 7th August 2013
How can I limit the number of labels on a meter? I notice in the examples that there are some with 6 labels, and some with 10, but nothing I can see in the code for the examples that controls that. I have a meter that goes from 0 to 50, it displays labels at intervals of 5(0,5,10,15,etc), but I only want to show labels in intervals of 10(0,10,20,etc). Is this possible?
Posted by RGraph support on 8th August 2013
Hi there,

With the Meter the number of labels is set at ten. If you use the Gauge chart you can change how many labels are shown IIRC with the chart.labels.count property.

Richard, RGraph Support

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