I'm trying to get a Line break in my key list

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Posted by Pascal on 7th October 2015
I'm very new in using rgraph. What i want to do is to Show a pie like the example here: www.rgraph.net/demos/pie-key-gutter.html. But if I have more keys than in that example it doesn't made a new line. Is it possible to make something like an Auto resize or an linebreak if it doesn't fit?
Many thx
Posted by Richard Heyes on 7th October 2015
Hi there,

Afraid not. What you can do in that situation though is either use a vertical key or perhaps use a HTML based key ( www.rgraph.net/canvas/docs/html-keys-in-charts.html ), which isn't constrained by the confines of the canvas.

Posted by Pascal on 7th October 2015
Hi Richard
Thx for your Support. I'll check the address you posted.


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