I have some questions about the Line chart

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Posted by Vrushali on 3rd December 2013

I have drawn line chart completely.working very well but following are some points I want to solve that.Please help me for that.

1. I want to use different tickmarks for multiple line charts.Is there any option for that?
2. I want to draw border for line chart and key.How can i do that?
3.In case of line chart if value is 100 and max value on y axis 100 then line is drawn on border.I want there should be always some space between top border and line drwan .I don't have to set y max value.I want to use Auto range.Is there any way to do it?

4.If there is grid line behind line drawn then grid line override the line drawn?How can I prevent that?

Thanks and Regards,
Vrushali Shinde
Posted by RGraph support on 3rd December 2013
Hi there,

1. Not tickmarks - that would get messy. You can have different axes using the drawing API:


2. You could probably use the drawing API rect object for that,

3. There's no vertical margin option.

4. The line is always drawn after the grid. If it looks like the grid is on top you could try increasing the linewidth option.

Richard, RGraph Support

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