I have an issue with the Line chart: It blinks when I mouseover the tooltips!

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Posted by jack yang on 7th March 2013
I have drawn a Line Chart with setting as follow:
     myLine.Set("chart.tooltips.effect", "none");
     myLine.Set("chart.tooltips.hotspot.xonly", true);
     myLine.Set("chart.crosshairs", true);
     myLine.Set("chart.crosshairs.hline", false);
     myLine.Set("chart.tooltips.highlight", false);

When I move mouse over one tickmark, it blinks! Why?
Can anyone help me?
Posted by RGraph support on 7th March 2013
Hi there,

It might be the combination of tooltips and crosshairs - the two won't work together.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Enter your name... on 12th March 2013
If that, how can I get information some like tooltips when I use crosshairs?
Posted by RGraph support on 13th March 2013
Hi there,

You ould try using the chart.events.mousemove option to trigger the showing of your own DIV. Much like showing tooltips by yourself.

Posted by jack yang on 14th March 2013
using the chart.events.mousemove, doesn't work on mobile phone, right?
Posted by RGraph support on 14th March 2013
Hi there,

Well most phones don't have a mouse.

Richard, RGraph Support

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