Vertical angle labels on the Line chart not working

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Posted by Krzysiek on 21st June 2016

I'm using csv data and line chart. I'm trying to set vertical labels because I have lot of x labels but I fail. This is commands that I'm using:

              line[i] = new RGraph.Line('cvs'+i,data[i])
       .Set('labels', labels)
                     .Set('labels.above.size', 8)
                     .Set('noxaxis', true)
                     .Set('shadow', true)
                     .Set('shadow.offsetx', 10)
                     .Set('shadow.offsety', 10)
                     .Set('shadow.blur', 10)
                     .Set('hmargin', 15)
                     .Set('background.grid.autofit.numvlines', 7)
                     .Set('colors', ['Gradient(#DDF:#01B4FF)'])
                     .Set('linewidth', 2)
                     .Set('strokestyle', 'white')
       .Set('textSize', '8')
       .Set('gutterLeft',40 )
       .Set('gutterBottom',10 )
       .Set('scaleZerostart', 'true')
       .Set('textAccessible', 'true')

What am I doing wrong? Is there some method to reduce number of displayed x labels?

Best regards,
Posted by Richard on 21st June 2016
Hi there,

Accessible text doesn't work with angles. So try disabling it:

line[i] = new RGraph.Line('cvs'+i, data[i])
     .set('labels', labels)

     // You don't need to put quotes around the true or false values
     .set('textAccessible', false)

     // Nor do you need quotes around numbers
     .set('textSize', 8)




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Posted by Krzysiek on 21st June 2016
Thanks Richard,

Now it works!

Best regards,
Posted by Jack on 28th August 2016
Thanks Krzysiek, Richard, I had the exactly same issue! It would be super nice if you guys document this incompatibility here: => textAngle... => textAngle...

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