My Line chart goes under the X axis for 0 values

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Posted by May on 9th July 2013
I tried the demo example for line graph with the following data, but the line goes under x Axis foe 0 values, how can I fix that?

Data I used:

var line = new RGraph.Line('cvs', [0,5000,0,4000,0,0,0], [7,7,8,6,2,1,1], [14,12,9,8,5,6,3])
Posted by RGraph support on 9th July 2013
Hi there,

You can turn off the X axis with the chart.noxaxis option:

Richard, RGraph support
Posted by May on 10th July 2013
I don't want to not show the Axis, I don't want my line to go under it when values are zero.
Posted by RGraph support on 10th July 2013
Hi there,

What you're is something like color bleeding - the line is actually drawn on top of the axis. You can see it better if you change the colors to lighter ones and increase the line width like this example shows:

Richard, RGraph support
Posted by Enter your name... on 11th July 2013
By below, I mean shows as if the value is negative.
Posted by RGraph support on 11th July 2013
Hi there,

Well that line chart is using your data. I suggest you take out all settings and slowly add them back in until you find the one causing your issue.


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