Little mistake on the circular Meter demo

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Posted by Othmar on 15th August 2016
There was a litte mistake at the Circular Meter chart demo.

options: {
                 border: false,
                 tickmarksSmallNum: 0,
                 tickmarksBigNum: 0,
                 anglesStart: RGraph.HALFPI + (RGraph.HALFPI / 1.5),
                 anglesEnd: RGraph.TWOPI + RGraph.HALFPI - (RGraph.HALFPI / 1.5),
                 segmentRadiusStart: 140,
                 textSize: 16,
                 colorsRanges: [
                 needlesRadius: 110,
                 gutterBottom: 135

should be : needleRadius: 110,
(without s)

Best Regards
Posted by Richard on 15th August 2016
Hi there,

Well spotted - cheers.


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