Looking for canvas drag and drop help

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Posted by Mike Cheatham on 16th May 2014
Wow! I found your site while searching for some help in canvas the below link popped up

I then looked around your site. Great Stuff!, I plan to send some money your way as soon I my app start to generate some money. I have a medical app and customers lined up once done. My question is on the link i posted above. What I want to do is proved an image(x-ray or something) and allow the doctor to drag a pin image from another area to the image and then have a popup allow the doc to enter text. Once the text is saved it then becomes a popup when the mouse hovers The image would be saved and recalled when re-entering the page, also the doc should be able to drag multiple pins and create multiple poup text boxes. Can you help me with that???

Your charts are awesome, I will definitely be incorporating them in my development, and sending you some of the cash flow. I am surprised that I have not come across your site before.
Posted by Richard on 16th May 2014

Feel free to use the code on that page but I don't have the time to work on the medical app I'm afraid.


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