I'm losing the ymin in a combination chart

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Posted by Laura Gilbert on 28th February 2013
I am trying to plot a bar and line chart (same data) on top of one another. The data range is 0-5, but I want to show the y sale 0-10. This works find when I plot the graphs one after the other. But when I combine them, it shows the y range as -10 to 10 (so the bottom half of the plot is empty). How do I force the combination chart to start at 0, not -(ymax)? If I remove the restrictions I have added on the yscale it still plots -5 to 5, not 0-5 which is the data range.

    var bar_one = new RGraph.Bar('bar_one', generallyone);
             bar_one.Set('hmargin', 1);
             bar_one.Set('xaxispos', 'center');
             bar_one.Set('gutter.bottom', 50);
             bar_one.Set('chart.labels', labels);
             bar_one.Set('chart.colors', one_col_list);
             var line_one = new RGraph.Line('bar_one', generallyone);
             line_one.Set('chart.colors', [one_col]);
             line_one.Set('linewidth', 1);
             line_one.Set('spline', true);
             line_one.Set('shadow', true);
             line_one.Set('shadow.offsetx', 0);
             line_one.Set('shadow.offsety', 0);
             line_one.Set('shadow.blur', 2);
             line_one.Set('xaxispos', 'center');
             combo_one = new RGraph.CombinedChart(bar_one, line_one);

Thanks for your help!
Posted by Laura Gilbert on 1st March 2013
...not to worry. Removing the ('xaxispos', 'center'); values fixes it. Seems obvious now.
Posted by RGraph support on 1st March 2013
Hi there,

Only obvious when you know how! :-)

Richard, RGraph Support

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